You're probably wondering "why cake toppers"

Growing up with a mum that's a patisserie chef, cake has always been in blood.

Leaving school at the tender age of 16 led me along a few different paths, starting an apprenticeship as a baker, to customer service, to the automotive industry (yes I'm a qualified spare parts interpreter) to marketing and design within the automotive industry. 

In June 2015 I gave birth to my beautiful son Blayze, in December of 2015 I approached my boss and requested to return to work part time, he declined wanting me to come back full time, I was torn! 

So I made the big decision, Sugar Boo was born, I could use my years of design skills to create amazing cake toppers, my technical nous from my experience within the automotive industry to run the machinery required and I could offer the utmost care and service to customers. 

So here I am almost 10 months on, creating any where from 50-70 cake toppers a week and absolutely loving every minute of it. 

So now you know "Why Cake Topper" 

xx Bec xx