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When it comes to cake toppers, I strive to provide the best quality and aesthetics for my customers. That's why I want to address the absence of Gloss Black and Gloss White options in my collection. While these colors may seem appealing at first, their reflective nature tends to highlight every little mark and fingerprint on the surface.

I understand that capturing beautiful photographs of your special occasion is important, and glossy acrylic cake toppers can often be a hindrance in achieving that desired look. To ensure that your cake topper looks flawless in pictures, I exclusively offer Matte Acrylic Black and White options.

Matte Acrylic has a smooth, non-reflective finish that not only looks elegant but also minimizes the appearance of any imperfections. This allows your cake topper to blend seamlessly with your cake design without distracting reflections or blemishes.

To help you make an informed decision about the color of your cake topper, I encourage you to browse through our Instagram feed. Our feed showcases various examples of cake toppers and colour options.

Please be aware the screen colours may vary from the true colour. Different computer screens, operating systems, and even different web browsers have different colour characteristics, so it's just about impossible to get a given colour to look the same on every screen.